Reviving your womb wisdom

Being a woman today.
What does that mean?
How can I fully empower myself as a woman?
How can I heal the deep wound of the feminine?
How can I be myself in a male-centric society?

Letting go of our protective vest,
letting go of always wanting to give, to please, to do the right thing.
Learning to dare to stand up for yourself, dare to say no and learn to set clear boundaries.

Welcoming back creativity, sensuality, abundance and fertility.
Putting shame aside.
Allowing light and power.

Becoming aware of your feminine center and the power that is hidden there.
You put insecurities and fears aside and you dare to stand up for yourself again, you dare to take up space, you dare to be yourself.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you find it hard to connect with your womb?

Does the word womb leave you blank? As if you’ve never consciously touched ground on this subject? As if you’ve never really felt what it’s like to feel connected with your womb?

Do you sometimes feel a bit awkward or even ashamed to talk about your womb and your yoni and the relationship you have with her?

Do you sometimes feel stuck in your creative process? As if all of a sudden your creative flow just stops and you find it difficult to move on?

Do you find yourself falling into the same patterns over and over and over again?

Do your emotions tend to take the lead every now and then, making it hard for you to stay close to yourself and making you say or do things you regret later on in the process?

Do you frequently find yourself in doubt of what your passion is? What your talents are?

Do you find it hard at times to tune into the needs of your body? 

© Katya Chekina

If your answer was yes to at least one of these questions, then yes this program is suitable for you.


this is your invitation to heal the deep wound of the feminine

Are you ready to connect with your feminine wisdom?

Are you willing to reawaken your lust for life?

Are you in to explore all the juiciness life has to offer you?

Do you feel called to reactivate the connection with your womb in order to give birth and give life to your unique talents and translate them into heart filled projects?

Are you curious to know more about ancestral wisdom to heal your relationship with your womb and learn soothing rituals to strengthen your relationship with her and with yourself?

Are you ready to break away from old patterns and welcome a vibrant flow that connects you with your uniqueness as a woman?

Do you already feel an inner spark of joy by the thought of nourishing your inner child and having some fun playing around, exploring, creating and reconnecting?

Are you ready to tap into the incredibly powerful source of wisdom that resides within your body?

Are you longing to experience more vitality and energy in your daily life?

© Katya Chekina


Online immersion you can follow at your own pace in your intimate and sacred space.

This extraordinary program will take place online so you feel comfortable and cosy and everyone has the opportunity to participate.

You will get access for 9 months so you can easily tune in to the program at your own pace.


During this fascinating online program you will be immersed in the wondrous world of the womb, better known as the center of the feminine.

Read: that place in your body that stores pretty much everything. From trauma to joy, oppression to desire, laughter to tears, memories and current feelings.

Your womb knows and remembers it all.

She is your source of inner wisdom, but somehow throughout the years of the oppression of the feminine and a severe disbalance between the feminine and the masculine, we’ve lost our connection with her.

Making us feel empty, anxious and a lack of feeling rooted, safe and protected in our bodies. This makes it hard for us to confidently show ourselves to the world and to be ourselves.

During this practical and awakening program you will reconnect with the feminine by connecting with yourself and with your sisters, what will result in a deep sense of sisterhood.

Besides that we will dive deep in the topic of womb healing, cyclical living, healing our individual and collective wounds through meditation, shadow work, journaling, sharing, empowering rituals, tears, movement and laughter.


If you feel that you are ready to reconnect with your sacred womb space, to reconnect with your sisters, to find the beauty in rituals and ceremony, to step into your power as a woman through self-initiation and reconnect with your nature and inner wisdom.

Then yes, this is for you.

I am already looking forward to welcoming you with open arms and an open heart.

Your sacral center

Your womb is connected with your sacral center or second chakra. Meaning that the way you experience joy, pleasure, passion, creativity and the relationship with yourself and your selfworth starts here.

When our wombs are out of sync and the balance or relationship with her is distorted, you can notice the effects resulting from it throughout your overall life.

Think of a having some difficulties of enjoying sexual interaction.

Struggling with your mental and physical health.

Finding it hard to get in touch with your creative energy and noticing that you are falling into the same patterns over and over and over again.

Reviving your womb wisdom inspires you to discover the authentic and attractive woman you are by revealing the tremendous power that lies in your creative and sexual center.

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6 C H A P T E R S

9 months access

C H A P T E R 1: Healing the deep feminine wounds

The feminine has been oppressed for so long, leaving us as women unheard, anxious, and uncertain about ourselves.

To compensate that feeling we fall into the shadows of the feminine, making us dependent en looking for our self worth outside ourselves.

In this chapter we will dive deep into shadow work in order to

C H A P T E R 2: What is your feminine center? What is your womb?

Do you even know how your feminine center looks like?

This chapter will be all about reconnecting with your body, restoring the connection that was lost and discovering what a beautiful woman you are.

C H A P T E R 3: Reconnecting with nature and the elements through the cyclical wisdom of your womb and the moon.

Nature stores so much wisdom for us, and even as women – protectors of the land – we’ve lost our connection with Mother Earth.

This chapter is all about reconnecting with the elements, our senses -sensuality – and our cyclical nature as women through the menstrual cycle and the moon cycle. This includes in-depth information to work with your cycle.

C H A P T E R 4: Womb meditations, movement, sound healing and rituals

To heal our wounds, our trauma’s, to overcome pattern we have to dive deep within, make contact with the subconscious.

That is what this chapter will be all about. A very soothing, heartwarming, opening, grounding and transforming dance.

You’ll be guided through a variety of practices.

A yoni steaming ritual is included in this chapter as well.

C H A P T E R 5: Womb wonders: the magic of herbs and plants for your womb health

Nature, your womb knows it all. Instead of sticking to what the doctors says, you will reconnect with your intuition. Look around: what are those herbs and plants that can actually help me to feel better?

C H A P T E R 6: Welcoming abundance, fertility and creativity

Your womb = your creative center. From here you can welcome abundance and fertility.

From here you can rebirth.

From here you can actually start living that life you have been dreaming of for so long now.

Welcoming your creative energy means connecting with your sexual energy and intimacy – so we will dive into this topic as well. In that way you can welcome pleasure in all aspects of your life.

Are you ready to join this sacred space of remembering and reconnecting?

This program will be your companion over the next 9 months and beyond.


You will get access to the program within 48 hours after registering. From then you will have 9 months access.

The chapters will consist of a beautiful mix between written information, video’s, audio’s, meditation, journal prompts, movement and rituals.

By joining Reviving your womb wisdom , you will also have the opportunity to join an online sacred community space to connect with other women all over the world.


There is some bonus material included : )

Good to know: this course will continuously be updated – basically this means that more content will be uploaded into the space every once in a while.

Luca (31) from Malta:
This course has given me a chance to spend quality time with myself and my womb. A space my womb was craving for. I thank you so much for creating this heart felt course, where I feel willing to connect with my womb intentionally.

Every time I tapped into the course, I felt moved by the content. Especially the part on feminine shadow work. The best part is that you can log on to the course anytime you want, within a whole 9 months – having a busy work schedule means I could take the time when possible.

This course has brought me to a loving relationship with my womb, and now I want to dance and paint and talk with her more often. If you are looking for a gentle space to connect with your womb and your feminine side, this is it.


Can I get an invoice? Yes! Just put your invoice details in the notes when booking your spot.

My English is not that good. Can I still join? Yes, please! Don’t let this be an issue. You can ask questions in Dutch through mail and if necessary, through voice messages any time if that is more comfortable for you than English.

Will I get access to all the content immediately? Within 48 hours after your registration you will receive an e-mail to receive access to the course immediately.


‘The program has brought me closer to the most intimate place of myself. For me a home was always a place but now I know that my home is in my womb and that everything I need is in there. I have learned to connect with it so that I can also access my home, and my power to expand. Thank you Moika for what you bring in to the world. Love Farah’ – Farah (33)

‘First time that I really reflected on the connection with my womb. I will do that more often. Thank you for inviting me Moika!’ – Sara (21)

I have been diving in deep over this new moon now I’m on holidays and I really feel all the work so deep. – L.

I’ve been a bit busier these past few weeks, but I was able to begin the course. I can only say that I’m so grateful for you. So far it’s been incredibly healing, and I can’t wait to keep going now that there’s more time. – C.

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