ike uwa – healing power of nature

plantbased - healthy - catering 

teambuidling - cooking workshops

meditation - massages 

In search of an easy way to provide you plant based and healthy snacks to take with you instead of binging on fast snacks full of sugar? You found the right place!

ike uwa, which means ‘healing power of nature‘ in Igbo (Nigerian language) is about providing you with healthy snacks, treats, brunches and a caterer with a Nigerian twist.

ike uwa wants to help you in your journey towards a healthier and more loving lifestyle. Therefore everything is circa 90% refined sugar free (striving for 99%).

Also everything can be made gluten-free (may still contain traces of) ! Many products are gluten-free by nature, others can be ordered gluten-free (check the special category gluten-free!)

In a nutshell:

  • plant based
  • unique and surprising
  • lactose free
  • gluten-free possible
  • circa 90% refined sugar free (striving for 99%)
  • easier & healthier
  • guilt free
  • choose healthy
  • eat plants, not friends

Contribute to a better world: add an extra chosen amount of money to provide healthy snacks on a regular basis for Nigerian school children.

Hope you’ll find everything you wished for!



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