ike uwa – healing power of nature

plantbased - healthy - catering 

teambuidling - cooking workshops

meditation - massages 

In a nutshell:

  • plant based
  • unique and surprising
  • pure
  • mind, body and soul

Trying to adapt a plant based and healthy lifestyle? You found the right place!

ike uwa, which means ‘healing power of nature‘ in Igbo (Nigerian language) is about providing you with healthy brunches, catering, cooking workshops, meditation and massages.

ike uwa wants to help you in your journey towards a healthier and more loving lifestyle. Therefore everything is circa 90% refined sugar free (striving for 99%). Besides, everything can be made gluten-free (may still contain traces of) !

Contribute to a better world: part of the income of ike uwa is used to provide some fruits as a snack for a school in Nigeria every two weeks.

Hope you’ll find everything you wished for!



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