Where to collect




IKE UWA – THE HEALING POWER OF NATURE                                           NRI OSISI- eat plants

Healthy treats, snacks, brunches and caterer with a Nigerian twist.

During the Summer Holidays there is a different regulation of where and when to collect your orders.

Check the Facebook page ‘ike uwa – healing power of nature‘ or send an e-mail to info@ikeuwa.be to be able to know when & where to collect your order.

WHEN to order: 48 hours on beforehand

WHERE to collect:

Saturday, Sunday & Monday: Boutersem Centre

Monday: Noordoever – Vaartkom 17A , 3000Leuven between 10 am and 6 pm (Don’t forget to take your own take away bag when collecting in Noordoever!)

Tuesday: Ghent  Sint-Pietersplein before 10 am or after 4 pm (can be arranged together)


Use coupon ‘packagingfree‘  if you will bring your own packaging when collecting in Boutersem and enjoy 1 EUR reduction (can not be used when you order salads).


Don’t forget to mention where and when you wish to collect!