The Sensual Rodeo – Summer Edition

Expect a collection of ceremonies and rituals which will reactivate your lust for life while simultaneously allowing yourself to receive in a deeper sense of the word.

Sensing deep into your body while reconnecting with what she truly wants:
What do you want in your life?
How do you want life to be treating you?
What does a satisfying life mean for you?

How do you define the juicy – creative – playful – joyful way of living?

We will use the four elements (earth – water – air – fire) to guide us through this journey.

What is included? 〈

▹ one weekly ceremonial & ritual session by me

▹ a defining your way of pleasure Astro-Class by Madeleine Botet de Lacaze (she will dive in everyone’s chart individually to give you personal guidance)

▹ a creative movement session with Aina Genovés

▹ a session on Land Talismans with Linda Pappa which is about welcoming the consciousness of your inner child 

▹ one one-on-one 60′ session with me (note that The Sensual Rodeo is currently the only way to work with me in a one-on-one space )

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Madeleine is an astrologer and performance artist who will be holding a creative astrology workshop inspired by your chart to define your way of seeking pleasure in your life.

I’m an artist & an astrologer.

I believe in an astrology that liberates, that opens up possibilities for life experiences and that cultivates fluidity and resilience. With Astrology for Artists I want you to connect with your creativity, the inner self that makes your heart beat strong and confidently.

Our life is our most important creative journey, and the more we know ourselves the more freedom we have to choose who we want to be. Creativity can be beautiful but also painful, as it’s the process of becoming who we are. It connects us with our hopes, beliefs, fears, wounds and from that place we heal.

Astrology spoke to my soul and allowed me to believe in myself, to trust my steps. It helped me put the pieces of my broken self together. Now I want to communicate this to guide you in the hardest of times, bringing calm through understanding the bigger picture that the sky reveals.

Find Madeleine here.

Meet Aina – she will be guiding a creative movement session during our journey.

Being born and raised on an island like Mallorca has always made me feel great devotion for beauty, training me in dance, physical theater, drama and fashion design.

My vision of movement is nourished by the hybridization of disciplines, highlighting values such as observation, listening and care. Currently, my practice spans diverse creative spaces, from performance to movement direction, as I seek new forms of expression and integration for physical and mental well-being.

This journey of self-discovery drives me to be open to experiences and opportunities that enrich my life, my creative and emotional abilities.

Discover more of Aina here.

Linda will be guiding us through a Land Talismans workshop to open our consciousness and reconnect with our inner child.

I am an artist, designer and mystic of greek roots – working in relationship with Earth and Spirit.

My journey has led me to become intimate with the primordial energy running through all living things. Ancient earth wisdom, animism, shamanic and elemental connection are pillars of my life and work.

The Earth is my greatest muse and teacher.

Through my artistic practice,  I surrender and let myself be guided by Her.

Our conversation comes to life through raw forms, textures and oracular messages.

Native pigments, wild clays, plants and materials collected in natural sanctuaries are an alive part of my processes. They become vessels, paintings, potions, stories.

I guide others on how to deepen their own relationship to Earth and Spirit, to experience the intimate process of co-creation with Nature.

I believe that true sustainability, wellness and spiritual evolution all have to do with restoring our relationship to the Land – to our Mother. This devotion is a very important aspect of my life & teachings.

Discover more of Linda here.

In The Sensual Rodeo we will combine both creative and practical tools for you to integrate and implement directly into your daily life. This is a unique journey that allows you to tap into your inner joy while expanding your capacity to receive more of the golden bliss life has to offer to you.

We look forward to welcoming you ♡

Join us here – 4 spots only.


What time do the collective moments happen?
This will be decided depending on the four participants. 

What if I can not join live?
No worries. All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings for 6 months.
We do encourage you to join live as much as you can since the magic happens live.

How much time will this journey take me weekly?
Once a week you have 60-80min of Collective Ceremonial call through Zoom.
Then on top of that hour, you’ll have 4 moments spread over the four weeks course.

When will the journey take place? 
We will start on July 18 and close on August 8.

Will there be a community chat?
Yes, you will have access to a Telegram chat for continuous support over the four weeks that we will be journeying together.

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The creator gives you full access to The Sensual Rodeo. This includes 4 weekly Collective Ceremonial Calls, 3 extra Collective Creative Deep Dives with our guest inspirators and 1 private one-on-one session with me.

Rates start from 249,- / month.

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The Pioneer gives you full access to The Sensual Rodeo.

This includes 4 weekly Collective Ceremonial Calls, 3 extra Collective Creative Deep Dives with our guest inspirators and 1 private one-on-one session with me.

However The Pioneer is ready to conquer the world and therefore loves some extra one-on-one ping pong sessions. We have got you covered.

The Pioneer receives 5 extra weekly private one-on-one sessions with me between July 18 and August 15.

That means 6 one-on-one sessions of 60′ each in total.

Rates start from 185,- / month.

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© Image 1: Klaudia Lewandowski – 2: Caro Dewilde – 3: Lucia Maraver – 4: Alberto Melià – 5: Linda Pappa – 6: Caro Dewilde