The road to radiance

The technologies used in kundalini yoga activate your feminine Shakti energy by tapping into your subconscious mind to make changes within your conscious reality. It’s a very powerful tool to strengthen yourself as a woman and expand your auric field.

11 prerecorded kundalini yoga classes

⌇we will touch base on a diversity of topics: think of acting from an open heart, cutting through blocks, gaining clarity, embracing the beauty within, expanding your magnetic field and widening your capacity to be able to hold any transformation or change in your life

⌇immediate access for 6 months long – you can repeat every class as much as you like

⌇included: classes suitable for during your menstruation or pregnancy

© Lucìa Maraver

What you can expect? When practicing kundalini yoga weekly you will already starting noticing changes happening within your reality way sooner than you ever deemed possible. The nature of the classes is accessible for beginners and advanced practitioners and easily repeatable.

‘I would really recommend you all to join the road to radiance. I did my first practice yesterday and wow… My spine was on fire, i felt so connected to myself and the universe. Moika’s voice is also sooo comforting. I’m looking forward to do the other practices.’

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