the library

Welcome to the library.

An exploratory space for you to reconnect with yourself and dive deeper into a variety of themes in your own way and in your own time. You can mix and match out of the topics that resonate mostly with you in this moment, or you can choose to get access to the full library – leaving you enough space to tune into specific themes whenever you please.

The library is a place that has been created over several years with time, devotion and most of all: intention. It is a delicate and gentle space for you to come home, expand and transform on areas where you wish.

The DIY nature of the library offers you the space you are longing for.
There is no time pressure, there are no have to’s.
You decide when and where you tune into the library.
From the moment you get access – it becomes your space.

A sacred space where you can always come back to whenever you wish to carve out some nourishing time for yourself.

Whether you have 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 55 minutes; in The Library you will always find a match that fits your needs and desires in a specific moment.

The Library is your sanctuary on the go – which you can take quite literally. You will have access both to the learning platform and the app, which makes it easy to tune into the library wherever you are, even when you are sun bathing on the beach, working in the garden or driving your car.

There is enough variety in both format and length of the material that you will receive. From audio’s to video’s to educational content to rituals to a sound bath to journal prompt’s to bodywork, EFT tapping and more. (Yes there are even recipes included!) We are aiming for an integral and embodied approach to hold and nourish you while broadening your horizon and tapping into new perspectives and possibilities.

The Library is not an extra to do on your list.
The Library makes itself work for you.

The Library makes your life easier and lighter.

An invitation to press pause which will have a ripple effect on the rest of your daily life and your ability to create a life that aligns with your dreams and desires.

A clear roadmap to self understanding including 6 chapters which can be spread out over 6 weeks to develop a stronger connection with yourself, with nature and with your womb.

From A to Z you will learn how you can open yourself up as a woman to receive.

This is for you when you are ready to embrace the creator within yourself while embracing and aligning your feminine nature within your life.

CH1: Healing the deep feminine wounds

CH2: What is your feminine center? What is your womb?

CH3: Reconnecting with nature and the elements through the cyclical wisdom of your womb and the moon.

CH4: Womb meditations, movement, sound healing and rituals

CH5: Womb wonders: the magic of herbs and plants for your womb health

CH6: Welcoming abundance, fertility and creativity

In FREE YOURSELF you will receive the exact tools you need to experience more freedom in your life while discovering what works for you and gaining clarity on your direction, your why.

You will learn how to align your life with your life force and the way your energy shifts throughout your life while learning how to set healthy boundaries and value your self worth.

You will free yourself from opinions and expectations others may have for you and proudly walk your path without shame.

Moving away from worries and allowing yourself to trust in yourself and your capabilities.

During these 3 weeks you will set concrete steps towards a life where you actually love what you are doing every single day while leaving fear and limiting beliefs behind. 21 days is all you need.

Free Yourself is for you when you are ready to embrace your full potential and intentionally decide to take concrete steps towards your wildest dreams.

WEEK1: Tackling self sabotge, limiting beliefs, fear and childhood wounds – eliminating blocks

WEEK2: Clarity, defining freedom, opening your creative center

WEEK3: Concretizing, structurizing, opening to receive and harvest

When you are ready to strengthen yourself as a woman and expand your auric field, then this is the program for you.

Your body is your temple that holds you. The more you take care of it, the more it will take care of you and start working for you.

The technologies used in kundalini yoga activate your feminine Shakti energy by tapping into your subconscious mind to make changes within your conscious reality.
When practicing kundalini yoga weekly you will already starting noticing changes happening within your reality way sooner than you ever deemed possible. The nature of the classes is accessible for beginners and advanced practitioners and easily repeatable.

What you will receive
✔️ 11 prerecorded kundalini yoga classes
✔️ 6 months access so you can repeat them as much as you like
✔️ included: classes suitable for during your menstruation or pregnancy
✔️ we will touch base on a diversity of topics: think of acting from an open heart, cutting through blocks, gaining clarity, embracing the beauty within, expanding your magnetic field and widening your capacity to be able to hold any transformation or change in your life

Discover how EFT Tapping – The Emotional Freedom Technique – allows you to unblock any stagnation while bringing in more energy and clarity.

The EFT Tapping Challenge is designed for you to tap twice over the course of 4 days while tuning into the energy of those days.

Tapping focused on tuning into your needs, your emotional landscape. Overcoming obstacles and challenges. Releasing and bringing in new energy.

Tapping focused on taking concrete actions and walking away from stagnant energies. Goal oriented energy.

Tapping focused on a loving language towards yourself and others.

Tappings focused on freedom, aligning your life with your purpose and tuning into your desired reality while tapping into an expansive, abundant and prosperous energy.

Every tapping round will take around 15 – 25 minutes.

You can choose what resonates the most with you within this moment. For all programs you have the possibility to spread your investment over 3 or 6 months or pay in full.

▹ Reviving your Womb Wisdom – 6 months access: 377,- or 67,- / month. Discover more here.

▹ Free Yourself – lifetime access: 777,- or 135,- / month. Discover more here.

▹ The Road to Radiance – 6 months access: 347,- or 59,- / month. Discover more here.

▹ EFT Tapping Challenge – lifetime access: 111,- or 19,- / month. Discover more here.

For the bundles you have the possibility to spread your investment over 6 or 12 months or pay in full.

▹ Subconscious Reprogramming Bundle (The Road to Radiance + EFT Tapping Challenge): 444,- instead of 458,- or 39,- / month. Discover the bundle here.

The Full Library with lifetime access on all programs: 1277,- instead of 1612,- or 111,- / month. Discover the full access here. Note that from June 11 the rate for The Full Library will start at 2477,- so now you can still enjoy a lower investment.

Bonus for The Full Library: includes 6 monthly group Q&A check in calls through Zoom of approximately 30-60 minutes (Oct 2024 – March 2025) – this will create accountability for you and give you the opportunity to have a live deep dive in the content. *Please note that the Zoom sessions will only take place when at least 4 women can attend the live zoom call.

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