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26th of October – 30th of October

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C R E A T E   F R O M   W I T H I N 
Are you ready to reconnect with the creative woman you inherently are? Every day you will be invited to create from within. By connecting with your truest essence you will learn how to translate your emotions in your creative process. During this retreat you will reconnect with your source of expansion and infinite possibilities. Spaciousness and stillness will invite you to come home to yourself in ways you may not have deemed possible before.

A magical cosy farmhouse in Mallorca.

26th of October – 30th of October

nurturance – creation – sounds – earthing – basket weaving – embodied wisdom – cacao ceremony – kundalini yoga – creative movement – numerology – tea ceremony – the feminine -ceramics and clay – eft – one with nature – womb wisdom -remembering – herbal wisdom – compassion – releasing – sisterhood – reprogramming – self care – transformation

© Jana Marle

On a beautiful island on the country side

In a beautiful farmhouse in Mallorca you will be immersed for 5 days in the healing power of nature, surrounded and carried by a tribe of women you will be able to call soul sisters afterwards. Every day you will be invited to create from within. We will start our days with kundalini yoga and you will have a daily creative workshop in the afternoon (think of weaving baskets, working with sounds, intuitive dancing, ceramics and clay and more). Besides that we will always end our days with a ceremony – interweaving the gifts of rituals. And of course you will be nourished from the inside out through plant based and local belly loving meals.

Meet your spaceholder

Meet Moika. Intuitive women coach, kundalini yoga teacher, sound healer and nature enthusiast

Moika – ike uwa

Moika invites you to a slower and more conscious way of living, where there is room to follow your natural rhythm as a woman, where there is room to breathe, to to be.

She teaches you to reconnect with nature, in a way you may have forgotten.

With the help of a diversity of kundalini yoga flows you are invited to come home to yourself as a woman.

In addition, Moika also immerses you in the beautiful world of cyclical living, sounds, EFT tapping, hypnosis and takes your sensual experience to the next level.

Moika has been holding space for > 200 women over the past year. This has been a wonderful journey for her of inspiring and being inspired by so many women at the same time.

It therefore comes as no surprise that it feels like a gift to be able to share all this wisdom with you.

Caro Dewilde

Meet your guest inspirators

Aina Genovés

Meet Aina – Aina Genovés, born and raised in Mallorca, Spain, is a movement artist, performer, choreographer and actress. Her work expands the boundaries between disciplines; combining body, mind, soul and movement through different mediums such as dance, film, photography, performance and fashion design.

Lorena – Villa Capri

Meet Lorena from Villa Capri – Lorena is multidisciplinary artist who will introduce you into the world of weaving your own baskets and exploring your creative expression. With her creative mindset she is able to experience freedom, grace and gentleness in her daily life and she is eager to share her passion for creating with others.

Lucía Maraver- Alkari kraft

Lucía is the type of woman who makes you feel home even before she said a word.

With her beautiful, radiant and energetic aura she is a natural in making you feel at ease.

She is a multidisciplinary artist and one of her multiple talents is creating with clay.

She will be hosting an intuitive clay workshop for you.

Zoë – Essentials by Zoe LVH x Wunder

Meet Zoë.It is my greatest honor to announce to you that Zoe will be hosting a wild picking x herbal wisdom workshop followed by a breast awareness workshop for you.

Zoe founded essentials by Zoe LVH and Wunder Workshop, the first one being a social enterprise with a mission, creating two essential products for our emotional and physical wellbeing, made in memory of founder Zoe’s mother.

Zoe learned about health and nutrition from her late mother, who had been in the wellbeing industry for over 40 years. This meant she grew up plant-based, surrounded by botanicals, developing her own intuitive herbalism, foraging and growing organic food was the daily norm. This knowledge and motivation has led her to start up her own business.

Giñtarė – savastis

Meet Giñtarė. An artist, sound alchemist and intuitive singer. With her sound experiences she invites to meet Your true self, be authentic, hear Your inner voice and make it stronger than any outside noise, to integrate and fully live Your own legend. This reveals the true meaning of Sãvastis – to truly be Yourself.

Gabrielle Anand

Meet Gabrielle. Gabrielle her moto is to soften in the experience to align, center, anchor within for a sense of empowerment, owning one’s path. She is an intuitive guide into deeper self acceptance and love. An empowering journey to soften into our processes self connecting to our wisdom and soft points. Gabrielle will be hosting a workshop on Tantric Numerology.

Yogic Numerology, a system of self-understanding based on the date we were born, has roots in yogic and tantric teachings. A functional adjunct to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Yogic Numerology provides insight based on the time and date of birth as to which aspects of the self may be already strong, or in need of strengthening.

Jessica de Lima

Meet Jessica. An incredibly talented photographer, artist and sound healer therapist who takes you to that place of inner peace where the innate intelligence takes care of the repairing of the physical body just as it does when we sleep.

© All images from guest inspirator come from their website/Instagram

What to expect?

During the retreat you will be nourished by wonderful authentic connections, the incredible views of nature, the oneness with nature, the unique, soothing and wooded environment, meditation moments, free movement, breathing space, walks, stories, women's wisdom and creativity.

In addition, during this retreat we also celebrate the full moon, a special connecting moment that we will celebrate together on the basis of a magical ritual.

© Lucìa Maraver


Thursday 26th of October – Monday 30th of October

We come together for 5 days during autumn in a magical location on the countryside of Mallorca.

We would like to welcome you on Thursday between 1 pm and 1:30 pm CET, on Monday we will close the retreat between 1 pm and 1:30 pm CET. In any case, we strongly recommend that you enjoy the island a little longer before and after the retreat by, for example, booking an airbnb nearby.

© Lucìa Maraver

Prepare yourself for a full inspiring immersion as a portal to welcome HER – YOUR HER – THE CREATIVE WOMAN.


What is the exact location? Vilafranca de Bonany in Mallorca, 30 minutes from the airport in Palma de Mallorca.

What about allergens? All food is completely plant-based with a main focus on pure seasonal food. If you have certain allergens, you can certainly pass this on and this will be taken into account.

Are there also free moments? Yes! Free moments are also provided where you can explore nature yourself / take a moment to come to yourself and reflect / book a 1 on 1 session or body work / massages …

From how many people will the retreat take place? 5.

How do I get in Vilafranca de BonanyYou can take a taxi from Palma de Mallorca. As always we will provide a carpool list.

Age? Of no importance. We can learn so much from each other. A mix of ages ensures that we can connect even more deeply with each other and learn to place certain things in a different light.

Can I receive an invoice? Yes! You can easily place this in the notes during checkout and we will prepare an invoice for you.

How are the bedrooms organized? We provide private bedrooms or shared bedrooms.

Is there a possibility to spread my investment over several months? Yes! You can spread it out over five or ten months. If you would like to spread your investment over several months, you can send an email to If this is still not possible budget wise for you, please feel free to reach out and then we can have a conversation about this.

Are you ready to register for a retreat that will reconnect you with the creative woman you inherently are while connecting with likeminded sisters and finding your way home to yourself through sounds, movement, creative practices and kundalini yoga?


You are currently enjoying an invitation discount which is only valid till Tuesday the 15th of August.

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*All shared bedrooms contain single beds.

**Note that you are currently enjoying an invitation discount which is only valid till Tuesday the 15th of August. After that the rates will go up.

*** Payment plans available (5 or 10 months). Let us know if you need more support.