mmiri ⏤ a 12 month immersion

An elemental journey of awakening and becoming for the modern woman.

Mmiri will be your companion for 12 months straight.

During these 12 months you will receive all the transmissions needed to use your voice as the wise woman and teacher you inherently are.

This exclusive journey is for you when you are done hiding and ready to embody the most authentic version of yourself while embracing the true creator you are.

I connect so deeply with the water element
She holds so much 
She feels so much
She is so soft
Yet so wild

She embodies the feminine
She embodies the ever flowing nature of life
She embodies change
Enormous change

And yet she stays connected with her source

 the Igbo word for water

A 12 month exclusive journey 

Carefully created and outlined
just for you and only offered once

Use your voice 
What is your voice 

What is your gift to this world? 

How would you like to express yourself? 

Are you looking for a place where you can find sisterhood, a sense of community, accountability and women empowerment?

Are you ready to deepen your offerings to this world?

Have you been on the spiritual path for a while now, and do you feel that you would like to use a more integral approach?

Does it sound exciting to you to find your unique blueprint to this world?

Are you willing to commit in order to step into your highest potential?

You may wonder why I choose to name the 12 month journey mmiri – water, when will we go through all of the elements together.

Because the water element stands for the wise woman. She who knows, she who remembers. She transmutes her wisdom so easily to this world and that is exactly the aim of this exclusive program.

My aim for you is to find so much ease in transmuting your wisdom to this world, as if it comes so natural to you. Effortless.

By doing so, you get in touch with your creative essence – remembering that you are the creator of your life, remembering that you have the ability to create anything you are willing to call into your life.

Whether you are or are aiming to be a coach, a designer, an artist, a spaceholder, an entrepreneur, a teacher, a psychologist, a therapist…

Mmiri is for you if you are ready to break free from the norm, if you are ready to follow your deepest desires and walk your authentic path as the unique woman you are.

Your body knows

She holds so much wisdom. That is exactly why during every month of the 12 month journey, we will use somatic practices to deepen your experience throughout the program and deepen your relationship with your body knowledge and the elemental wisdom.

More specifically, every month you will receive the following practices that are tuned in to the element of the season:

▹ 2 kundalini yoga practices

▹ 1 qi gong exercise

▹ 2 hypnotic tracks

▹ 2 guided EFT tappings

You are the biggest teacher to yourself

We all are. And from the moment you deepen your relationship with yourself, you will notice how others naturally become attracted to you.

You will start vibrating on a different frequency.

This comprehensive 12 month journey will deepen your connection with your innate wisdom. By learning a diversity of effective tools, exercises and rituals you will easily inspire others with your wisdom in your unique offerings as the creator you are.

You will be stepping into the role as a spaceholder for other women and start spreading your own voice, your own unique talents and gifts to this world.

If you have a yearning to not only become, but to truly embody your gifts as a wholesome teacher, artist spaceholder, entrepreneur and the unique woman – you already are – then this is a journey for you.

We move with nature

A comprehensive 12 month journey where you can flow through at your own pace and with so much ease. Tuning into the elements of nature allows us to move in alignment with the seasons which is why this journey will never feel as another to do on your list but as something to look forward to.

There is no pressure. You can trust that all the information will come to you at the right time.

While you are learning all of these tools and rituals, you can already incorporate them in your daily life and share your wisdom with others.

Metal element – autumn

14th of October 2023 – 21st of December 2023

Bringing structure into life. Releasing the old, anything that no longer serves. Building a solid foundation within yourself and learning how to respect your self-boundaries. Overcoming grief and sadness and converting them into something positive.

⌒ key words: new habits – self – breath – eft – self massage: reiki, qi gong and breasts – meridians – purification – trauma

⏝ ceremonies: samhain – rose – self initiation – chaga x maca

Water element – winter

22nd of December 2023 – 19th of March 2024

▹ Embracing the calmness and the stillness. The gentle ways of living. The gift of your intuitive voice. Bathing in your emotions. Surrendering to your inner trust. Overcoming fear and isolation.

⌒ key words: subconscious – the art of visualization – fear – womb – solitude – microcosmic orbit – yoni connection

⏝ ceremonies: winter solstice – blue lotus – imbolc – wisdom of the pearl

Wood element – spring

20th of March 2024 – 19th of June 2024

▹ Starting to bloom. Planting seeds. The generous ways of living. Playing around, exploring wonderment. Making yourself visible.

⌒ key words: purpose – growth – manifestation – tao & tantra – sound current – inner child – decision making – qi – mantra’s

⏝ ceremonies: spring equinox – kali – sound – beltane

Fire element – summer

20th of June 2024 – 18th of August 2024

▹ Passion. Celebrating life. Allowing connection to occur. Stepping into your power. Valuing your worth. Opening your heart. Learn how to set up a ceremony and hold space for others. Softening the ego.

⌒ key words: sexual arts – space holding – pleasure – compassion

⏝ ceremonies: summer solstice – cacao – full body orgasm

Earth element – late summer

19th of August – 21st of September

Connecting with your center. Finding stability and balance. Stepping into an abundant mindset. Building upon deep trust. Letting go of scarce ways of thinking.

⌒ key words: grounding – nourishment – abundance – shadows – trust

⏝ ceremonies: earth and new moon – matcha and wabi sabi

A journey of expansion. A journey of becoming.
Welcoming clarity. Welcoming purpose.

The structure of the journey

We gather 2 times every month for a ceremony or integration circle. You will receive a form to mark your preferred dates and times for our gatherings.

☉ Above that, you will be granted access to an online portal where you will be able to find all the practices, rituals, information in a structured way. Format of this information will vary: audio’s, journal prompts, video’s, images, replays, written information,… and will be included in our integration circles. You will have access to all of this information for 12 more months after the completion of our journey.

☉ During your journey, you have the opportunity to book 2 one-on-one integration calls with me of 45 minutes. It’s up to you whenever you would like to schedule this call in. This is an opportunity for you to dive deeper into your own process, tackle your personal blockages and ping pong with me on specific ideas.

☉ We officially start on the 13th of October, that’s also when you will get access to our community chat. Before that time you can prepare yourself on the journey through your self initiation which will form the foundation for the journey. More on that below.

Self study and preparation on our journey ⌒ Self initiation

  1. A time for self reflection: 21st of September – 13th of October

13th, 14th and 15th of October: official opening weekend – eclipse season and new moon

⌾ access to our community

⎐ kola nut ceremony

⍜ earth ceremony

⍛ metal ceremony

⎒ inner smile meditation

Closing our journey together

On the 22nd of September 2024 we will celebrate the Autumn Equinox together and on the 2nd of October 2024 we will have a New Moon and Integration day. This will be the closure of our journey together.

In March 2025, 6 months after the completion of our journey we will schedule in a women circle to check in with each other.

▹ There will be a guest teacher every season

▹ You will receive a welcome package beginning of October for our rituals together

▹ For the winter solstice, spring equinox, summer solstice and autumn equinox there will be extra ceremonies

▹ You will be able to join ecstatic dance sessions throughout our journey

▹ Study groups. You will have the opportunity to organise something within our community to practice your skills of holding space and making yourself and your offerings visible for others. You can decide your own topic related to your purpose and mission.

▹ During the duration of our journey you will have a 50% reduction on all of my online classes and ceremonies


What if I can not make it live, will there be a replay? Yes – there will be a replay uploaded in our portal within 24 hours after our session.

Will there be moments scheduled in real life as well? Yes – there will be at least 2 opportunities for us to gather in real life. One somewhere in the middle of the program and one at the end. This is optional and not required.

It is to my aim to be a space holder, artist, teacher or entrepreneur, is this the right program for me? This program is for ever woman who is ready to full embody her authentic mission on this earth, whatever this may be. You don’t necessarily have to become a space holder, teacher or entrepreneur. All the tools you will learn will provide you from a solid foundation for you to build your unique mission up from. You will soon notice how you can use the tools in different aspects of your life and of your business.

Will we receive some more technical information as well on how to set up systems if we’d like to share our offerings with others online? Yes, I will schedule in a call where I will dive deeper into the systems that I use to make myself visible online.

What is the purpose of all of the ceremonies and rituals? Ceremonies and rituals reconnect us with ancient wisdom and our connection with nature. Through ceremony and rituals it is way more easy to transmute and integrate wisdom because it aligns with the elements of a particular season. This is also one of the reasons that we won’t be having ‘boring zoom meetings’. Every session is a journey, another exploration, a deepening, play time. It is something to look forward to. We learn and come home to ourselves in a playful way.

I have a busy schedule, will I be able to keep up with the rhythm of the journey? Absolutely. The reason why it’s a 12 month journey, is for you to be able to move slow, vast and steady. Besides that, once you have finished the 12 months, you will still have access to the content for a year. Even more so, 6 months after we completed our journey, we will have a integrative women circle where we can tune in with each other and keep each other updated on how things are going.

Can I receive an invoice? Of course! You can easily request an invoice by putting your invoice details in the comments when you complete your order.

In short: what you will learn and experience during this journey

▷ How to fully connect with your purpose and embody your authentic mission in this lifetime.

Welcoming ease, freedom, clarity and true alignment

▷ A thorough understanding on how you can easily flow through your life with the wisdom of nature and the elements.

A diversity of tools you will use to deepen your offerings as an artist, space holder, entrepreneur or therapist to this world; as for example learning how to set up an EFT tapping session, meditation, and many more.

▷ Deepen your experience with kundalini yoga, hypnosis and qi gong.

▷ Learn how to use sounds as a healing tool in your daily life.

▷ A clear understanding of how to hold space for a group of women through conscious communication and trauma informed practices.

▷ A deep immersion in the wondrous world of ancient rituals and how to integrate them in your daily life, facilitate them for other women.

▷ An in depth journey where you will have a deep conversation with yourself. A journey of healing, empowerment and deeply felt sisterhood. A true spiritual embodiment.

▷ Learn how to translate your offerings into this world through online presence and the use of systems

As we shift internally, the external world will respond.
Embody it – become it.

Your investment for this year long comprehensive journey with an extended access of a year after we completed the journey is 7777,- or 22 installments of 355,-.

In order to secure your spot for this journey, you have the option to pay a deposit of 1117,- now and have 12 monthly installments of 557,- once we officially start in October.

Or you can opt for 22 monthly installments of 357,-.

Upgrade – ALL IN

I love your dedication! Upon your registration for this year long comprehensive journey with an extended access of a year after we completed the journey you have the possibility to add an upgrade.

This includes 2 monthly 1-1 sessions with me for 12 months straight + weekly chat support.

The 1-1 sessions will vary between kundalini yoga, hypnosis, EFT, talk therapy and sexual therapy depending on your needs. Every month you will receive an orientation form so I can make sure that the 1-1 sessions perfectly align with your needs within a particular time. The length of one sessions varies between 60-90 minutes.

Your investment for this vip upgrade + the journey is 11 107,- or 22 installments of 507,- / month.

In order to secure your spot for this journey, you have the option to pay a deposit of 2377,- now and have 22 installments of 397,- once we officially start in October.

In short: this is your gateway to make 2023 and 2024 years of dedication, commitment and incredible growth. You get to be my companion for a whole year. So whenever you need a mainstay or a buddy to ping pong your ideas with – I will be there.

© All images: Katya Chekina