La vie en rose


23rd of April – 27th of April 2024
L A  V I E  E N  R O S E

She sees the world in all of her beauty. She notices the flowers that start blooming again, she observes the world with wonder while she sips from her matcha and takes a bite from her croissant.
There is no such thing as mundane moments for her. Simplicity touches her soul. She feels deeper than is visible when one touches the surface. She discovers pleasure and joy everywhere she goes. 
La vie en rose. Romanticizing life. Living life.

A magical hidden gem in a valley in France. A former mill from the 14th century located at a wild stream.

Being caught up in the simplicity of life while creating space to feel deeper. Finally there is time. Enough time. No rush. Everything is being arranged for you. The food looks impeccable and tastes amazing, the outstanding views of nature warm your heart. In depth conversations ignite your dreams again. All of a sudden you realize that it isn’t all that complicated. All of a sudden you start seeing the possibilities.

The exhalation of the simplicity creates space. Space for you to feel again, space for you to breathe again. A conscious breathe in and out.

While you are being taken care of, you are being treated on a diversity of sensory experiences. From a sound bath by the salt water pool, to elevating kundalini yoga practices. From entering a deep state of hypnosis, to transforming EFT tapping. From finding recognition in circle to life altering ceremonies.

Within the subtle realms a process is being activated. A process of rebirth. An invitation to creation. Enhancing the process through creative practices and solutions.

23rd of April – 27th of April

Can you already visualize yourself bathing in this beautiful salt water pool with the most outstanding views?

On a beautiful land in the country side

In a beautiful valley in the South-West of France you will be immersed for 5 days in the healing power of nature, surrounded and carried by a tribe of likeminded women. The uniqueness of this location naturally carries you on the rhythm of the earth, leaving you with a grounded feeling of inner calmness.

Meet your space holder

Meet Moika. Kundalini yoga teacher, mentor for women, passionate about sounds, sexual arts, the subconscious mind, ritual & ceremony and womb wisdom.

Moika invites you to a slower and more conscious way of living, where there is space to follow your natural rhythm as a woman, where there is space to breathe, to to be.

She invites you to reconnect with nature, in a way you may have forgotten.

Her unique alchemy of subconscious work combined with conscious work while interweaving tao and tantric practices immediately puts you in a different field of receiving.

She invites you to explore the subtle realms of pleasure, deepening your experience for more overall joy and satisfaction in your life.

Through her calming auric field she has a natural tendency to make you feel grounded and at ease.

Having been able to hold space for over 400 women the past few years, she has gathered so many insights and knowledge and is eager to inspire you while being inspired by you at the same time.

Caro Dewilde

Meet your plant based and holistic chef

Hannah – kinder

Meet Hannah – our holistic nutritionist and chef from Sydney who will be the heart of the retreat – filling your belly with all the good stuff while including her herbal & adaptogenic wisdom to ensure that you will glow from the inside and the outside after this retreat.

Growing up on the country side in the North of England, Hannah had a strong connection with the wild nature from a very young age – this translates itself in her cooking where she is not simply creating another meal – but really taking all the benefits from several herbs of nature into account.

She has a passion for creating food that feels as beautiful as it looks. Hannah works with ingredients that are locally grown, seasonal and organic as far as possible, to create dishes that are nourishing to the body, mind and soul, and work in synergy with the world around us.

In addition to her degree in Nutritional Medicine, Hannah has studied macrobiotics at the Kushi Institute in America and has worked at some of the best plant-based cafes in Sydney.

She weaves together her love of wholesome ingredients, knowledge of how the body works and passion for sustainability, to create meals that feel like edible hugs. Expect adaptogenic tonics, rainbow salads, healing broths and beautiful raw treats and bakes, infused with spices, superfoods, and lots of love.

Meet your photographer

Caro Dewilde

Caro is a Belgium-based photographer & videographer. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she graduated in Photography at Luca School of Arts in Brussels.

Her work spans a diverse range of subjects, including people, fashion, still life and nature. Nature always plays an important role in her work and in her life: it is where she finds peace and at the same time feels inspired by its beauty. The colours, the textures, the feeling of freedom. Also, the people she meets inspire her a lot, as do traveling, music and other creative disciplines.

Caro mainly shoots on analogue film and is drawn to a certain tenderness in her visual language. She uses the analogue medium and her photographic work to express her visual universe and create stories.

You are invited to welcome a deep trust in yourself as a woman.

© Jana Marle

What to expect?

On Tuesday we start connecting by having conversations, and then sink deeper and deeper into the connection in the following days.

During the retreat you will be nourished by wonderful authentic connections, the incredible views of the valley, the oneness with nature, the unique, soothing and wooded environment, meditation moments, free movement, breathing space, walks, stories, women's wisdom and creativity.

In addition, during this retreat we also celebrate the full moon, a special connecting moment that we will celebrate together on the basis of a magical ritual.

© Lucìa Maraver

the retreat in a couple of words
Sisterhood - Transformation - Release - Cleansing - Women empowerment - The wild feminine - Into the wild - Reconnecting - Womb care - Deep remembering -  Ancestral wisdom - Connection - Sacred space - Safe haven - Cocoon- Wildest dreams - Raw self - Shadow work - Authentic - Beauty - Creative crafting - Ceremonial connection - Inner wisdom -  Wise woman - Ritual and elemental wisdom - Restoring balance  - Nourishing ourselves - Mystical  -Deep sharing - Recognition and healing - Sustainability - Honoring Mother Earth - Womb healing - Activation - Blooming - Unfolding - Expanding your consciousness


Tuesday(Heart)opening x sounds
WednesdayFull moon in scorpio – deepening
ThursdaySexual & creative energy
FridayExpand from within, reconnect and envision
SaturdayClosing – deep integration


A warm welcome and opening circle + heart opening ceremony combined with a releasing ritual and a sound journey.

Full Moon in Scorpio – deepening

Reconnecting with the self through rituals, silence and remembrance. Womb wisdom.

Sexual & creative energy

Art therapy as a form of emotional release and self empowerment. You will be guided through a creative workshop by a guest teacher. Besides that you will enjoy some holistic herbal cooking with Hannah.

Expand from within, reconnect and envision

Prosperous rituals and coming to clarity through a diversity of (creative) techniques.

Closing – deep integration

Empowered body love shoot with a professional photographer. A closing ceremony with a ritual for deep integration.

Every morning we will start with a yogic practice. After our brunch there is enough space to rest, reflect, integrate, take a dip in the pool or have a walk. During our afternoons we usually have a (creative) workshop and after dinner we have a relaxing evening activity (for example a ceremony, a ritual, a sound journey ..)

© Lucìa Maraver

What other women share about their experience

‘A healing experience were flow, love, acceptance, and observation of self and the world is focused on. I will treasure my time spent there always.’ – Hailey

‘Amazing, so much love and attention to detail, love, empowering, impressive women’ – Kim

‘Challenging, heartwarming, calming, decelerating’

‘It’s been such a special few days. We’ve had some incredible moments. All the practitioners have been remarkable. The food, the venue, everything has just been so wonderfully curated and I feel very very blessed to have spent this time with some wonderful women circle. I am going away feeling renewed and refreshed and ready to step into my divine feminine and take on the world. Thank you so much.’ – Claire



Tuesday 23rd of April – Saturday 27th of April

We come together for 5 days during spring in a magical location on the countryside of France.

We would like to welcome you on Tuesday between 1 pm and 1:30 pm CET, on Saturday we will close the retreat at 2 pm CET. In any case, we strongly recommend that you enjoy France a little longer before and after the retreat by, for example, booking an airbnb nearby.


© Lucìa Maraver

Prepare yourself for a full inspiring immersion as a portal to welcome HER – YOUR HER – SHE WHO RISES.

She is finally ready. She is ready to reconnect with her deepest essence as a woman. She is ready to rest, to nourish herself and from there expand. Come to clarity, come to her most authentic self. She knows how to express herself. She who connects deeply with the grounding element of the earth and the ever flowing nature of water. She holds, she stores, she knows. She can be exactly that abundant source you've been yearning for, once you know how to connect with her. The authentic woman inside of yourself starts showing herself again She takes care of herself. She honors herself. She loves herself. She shows up for herself.


What is the exact location? Urval in the South-West of France. Exact details will be shared after your registration.

What about allergens? All food is completely plant-based with a main focus on seasonal and organic food. If you have certain allergens, you can certainly pass this on and this will be taken into account.

Are there also free moments? Yes! Free moments are also provided where you can explore nature yourself / take a moment to come to yourself and reflect / book a 1 on 1 session or body work / …

From how many people will the retreat take place? 6

How do I get in UrvalYou can take a train from Toulouse to Urval. The nearest airport is Bergerac Airport. A bit further away are the airports Brive-Souillac, Limoges or Bordeaux. From Bordeaux you can take a direct train to Urval for only around 30€. In that case you can combine a flight to Bordeaux with a train to Urval.

Age? Of no importance. We can learn so much from each other. A mix of ages ensures that we can connect even more deeply with each other and learn to place certain things in a different light.

Can I receive an invoice? Yes! You will automatically receive an invoice in your mailbox when you have checked out. When you need a more detailed invoice you can send an email to

How are the bedrooms organized? We provide luxe suits and standard bedrooms. Both can be booked privately or shared. All bedrooms have an en suite bathroom with a bath tub. Besides that we also provide shared bell tents with a beautiful view on the fields and real beds.

Is there a possibility to spread my investment over several months? Yes! You can spread it out over five or ten months. If you would like to spread your investment over several months, you can send an email to If this is still not possible budget wise for you, please feel free to reach out and then we can have a conversation about this.


Are you ready to register for a retreat that has the potential to change the rest of your entire life?

After this retreat you will feel
☾ nourished from the inside and the outside
☾ a deep state of relaxation that stretches from your subconscious self to your conscious self
☾ an updated sense of self empowerment
☾ deeply connected with a community of sisters
☾ clear and confident to align your life with your vision
☾ in a direct line with your womb, your intuition and your inner wisdom
☾ capable of more than you ever thought you were capable of
☾ seen, valued, healed, heard and loved
☾ in tune with the beautiful, creative and sensual woman you are
☾ a beautiful harmony between your feminine and your masculine energy


You can now join for only 199.99,- per month.

  1. Shared bell tent with real beds and a bathroom with views of the surrounding fields (8 minutes walk from the main retreat area), 1997- instead of 2979,- book here.
  2. Shared standard bedroom with ensuite bathroom, 2477,- instead of 3337,- book here.
  3. Shared luxe-suite with ensuite bathroom, 2877,- instead of 3537,- book here.
  4. Private luxe-suite with ensuite bathroom, 4227,- instead of 4777,- book here. (only 1 left)
  5. Private standard room with ensuite bathroom, 3777,- instead of 4647,- book here.

For all rooms you can now join with a deposit of 997,- and the leftover amount will be due 21 days prior to the start of the retreat. In the comments you can add your preferred room. Register with a deposit over here.

*All shared bedrooms are made for two people in single beds. The bell tents are equipped with real beds for a wonderful sleep.

**Note that this is an early bird investment which is only valid until March 7 After that the rates will go up.

*** Payment plans available (5 or 10 months). Let us know if you need more support.

Shared bell tent with real beds and a bathroom with views of the surrounding fields: