Into the cave


November 15 – November 17

I N T O  T H E  C A V E

While she reconnects with her innate wisdom, she allows herself to be taken care of. Three days of dwelling into the feminine while receiving the most soft and gentle treatments. A mini retreat that creates the exhalation she has been looking for. A time to unwind, a time to reconnect, a time to soften, a time for stillness.

And so you arrive. Finally. Finally there is time away from the doing. You arrive and everything is been taken care of. From the gorgeous location surrounded by nature, to the belly nourishing local, organic and seasonal food. You discover the lasting change that happens from spending time in nature. You are nourishing your foundation, the soil, the earth for the flowers, your wishes to start blooming and manifesting.

Into the cave symbolizes into the self. Inviting presence, stillness and reflection. Through sensory experiences like a sound journey, soft movement, yoga, sauna and gentle touch your whole nervous system will instantly calm down. Allowing yourself to dwell into a receptive state. Receiving never was so easy before. Time for you. Time to reconnect, time to breathe.

Inviting intuitive creation and ritual experiences while letting your soul be carried away by the depths of ceremony.

Tea sitMeditation & silenceRest & restore
Sound journeySoft movement & yogaSauna
Full Moon fire ceremonyGentle touchRituals
PamperingNutritious plant based food Sensual experiences
Women circleWarming drinksSurrounded by nature
Pleasing aestheticsPure blissPressing pause

Intention setting, welcoming, fire ceremony & full moon releasing ritual

Hypnosis, blue lotus, creative exploration, kundalini yoga, sensual experience & sound journey

Intuitive movement, celebration brunch, women circle & EFT tapping

Into the cave is happening from November 15 – November 17 2024.


Location: Province of Walloon Brabant – exact details follow through mail

Arrival time: between 2 pm and 2:30 pm CET on Friday November 15

Check out: between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm CET on Sunday November 17

Meet Moika. Kundalini yoga teacher, mentor for women, passionate about sounds, sexual arts, the subconscious mind, ritual & ceremony and womb wisdom.

Moika invites you to a slower and more conscious way of living, where there is space to follow your natural rhythm as a woman, where there is space to breathe, to to be.

She invites you to reconnect with nature, in a way you may have forgotten.

Her unique alchemy of subconscious work combined with conscious work while interweaving tao and tantric practices immediately puts you in a different field of receiving.

She invites you to explore the subtle realms of pleasure, deepening your experience for more overall joy and satisfaction in your life.

Through her calming auric field she has a natural tendency to make you feel grounded and at ease.

Having been able to hold space for over 400 women the past few years, she has gathered so many insights and knowledge and is eager to inspire you while being inspired by you at the same time.

Caro Dewilde

What other women share about their experience

‘A healing experience were flow, love, acceptance, and observation of self and the world is focused on. I will treasure my time spent there always.’ – Hailey

‘Amazing, so much love and attention to detail, love, empowering, impressive women’ – Kim

‘Challenging, heartwarming, calming, decelerating’

‘It’s been such a special few days. We’ve had some incredible moments. All the practitioners have been remarkable. The food, the venue, everything has just been so wonderfully curated and I feel very very blessed to have spent this time with some wonderful women circle. I am going away feeling renewed and refreshed and ready to step into my divine feminine and take on the world. Thank you so much.’ – Claire

Note that you have the option to spread your investment over 10 months or join with a deposit of 1100,-.

Shared standard bedroom (single beds) with en suite bathroom. SOLD OUT

Private (very) luxurious suite with en suite bathroom and huge bathtub (double bed) Register here. (only 2 left)

Or register with a deposit of 1100,- here.

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