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Spring Equinox Retreat 17/3 – 21/3

F R O M  W I N T E R  T O  S P R I NG
Slowly unfolding. Very carefully leaving our cocoon. Allowing ourselves to start blooming again. Looking at the world with wonder. Step by step we start to welcome light again, welcoming beauty. The authentic inner goddess starts showing herself again. She takes care of herself. She honors herself. She loves herself. She shows up for herself.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to feel the connection with your intuition?
Would you like to live more carefree, slower, more consciously and in alignment with your path, but you don’t know where to start?
Is it hard for you to take up your space?
Would you like to welcome more beauty and creativity in your life?
Do you crave pure and authentic connection with a tribe of women?
Do you want to find out how you can call in your feminine yin energy into your life?
Do you have the feeling that there are some parts of you suppressed or wounded and you are not quiet sure how to tap into these insecurities and heal those wounds?
Do you sometimes find it a challenge to fully empower yourself?

© Caro Dewilde

nurturance – sensuality – embodied wisdom – guidance – power – creativity – beauty – pure connection – cocooning – soulfuel – luxury – grace – womb healing – remembering – compassion – releasing – blooming – self care

© Jana Marle

Embodying the goddess

Would you like to learn to live according to your intuition?
Are you ready to allow a gentle, creative and grounded yin energy into your life?
Do you want to allow some more peace in your life?
Are you ready to transform into a conscious, sensual and confident woman?
Would you like to step into a new adventure with full dedication?
Do you get warm at the thought of connecting with like-minded women?
Are you ready to (re)discover your primal power?
Do you feel called to walk a new path, a new road full of zest for life in tune with your feminine superpowers?

© Julie Vanderhaeghe

17/3- 21/3

On a beautiful island

In the beautiful Palma de Mallorca you will be immersed for 5 days in the healing power of nature, surrounded and carried by a tribe of women you will be able to call soulsisters afterwards.

Meet your spaceholder

Moika – ike uwa

Meet Moika. Intuitive women coach, meditation mentor, sound healer and nature enthusiast

Moika invites you to a slower and more conscious way of living, where there is room to follow your natural rhythm as a woman, where there is room to breathe, to to be.

She teaches you to reconnect with nature, in a way you may have forgotten.

With the help of different meditation flows emerged with movement you are invited to come home to yourself as a woman.

In addition, Moika also immerses you in the beautiful world of cyclical life and takes your sensual experience to the next level.

Moika has been holding space for > 200 women over the past year. This has been a wonderful journey for her of inspiring and being inspired by so many women at the same time.

It therefore comes as no surprise that it feels like a gift to be able to share all this wisdom with you.

Caro Dewilde

Meet your film photographer, videographer & all round support

Jada – solomediterraneo

Meet Jada, a film photographer with a mediterranean lust for life from Naples, Italy.

Jada is specialized in capturing the most pure, raw and authentic moments on film. She is the kind of woman who finds beauty within everything.

Jada is a kind hearted woman who will be putting this magical retreat on film while handing a helping hand wherever it is needed.

She is one of a kind with tons of enthusiasm to make this retreat an experience one will never forget.

Meet your holistic and plant based chef

Alessandra – Holistic Dining

Alessandra will be the heart of our retreat, filling our bellies with the most nourishing food that comes straight from her heart.

I truly believe that taking care of how we nourish ourselves is the key to a happy and balanced life, and this starts with what you put into your body!

I began working as a holistic chef out of the desire to bring the enjoyment of delicious, indulgent, and sophisticated food to all.

I prioritize working with local, sustainable, and zero-waste ingredients, choosing whole foods and seasonal produce for my dishes. I enjoy experimenting with the incredible array of magical superfoods that the world has to offer.

As a plant-based chef, my goal is to share my love and appreciation for the natural world and simply show others how to enjoyably include more plants into their diet.

Having witnessed the health difficulties that both my loved ones and myself have had to endure and the miraculous healing powers of plants, I have felt the need to go deeper and discover ways to find support through nutrition. This journey has enabled me to discover and develop methods to thoroughly enjoy food while still keeping an eye on diet, intolerances, and nutrition.

Find Alessandra here.

Meet your guest inspirators

Zoë – Essentials by Zoe LVH x Wunder Workshop

Zoe is probably one of the most kind woman I ever met. Gracious, full of passion and love. A woman with her feet firmly rooted in the ground. A woman with an enormous heart and passion for our planet.

It is my greatest honor to announce to you that Zoe will be holding a wild picking x herbal wisdom workshop followed by a breast awareness workshop for you.

Zoe founded essentials by Zoe LVH and Wunder Workshop, the first one being a social enterprise with a mission, creating two essential products for our emotional and physical wellbeing, made in memory of founder Zoe’s mother.

Zoe learned about health and nutrition from her late mother, who had been in the wellbeing industry for over 40 years. This meant she grew up plant-based, surrounded by botanicals, developing her own intuitive herbalism, foraging and growing organic food was the daily norm. This knowledge and motivation has led her to start up her own business.

Having travelled with her late mother to Sri Lanka to experience and learn more about Ayurveda, Zoe learned about turmeric and its benefits. A couple of years after finishing her Masters degree in International Relations with a thesis on Climate Change, she went back to Sri Lanka to establish a partnership with the suppliers of our most crucial ingredient, Turmeric, and begin her journey to starting Wunder Workshop.

Find Zoe here.

Madeleine Botet de Lacaze – Astrology for artists

Madeleine is an astrologer and performance artist who will be holding a creative astrology workshop for you during the Spring Equinox and will give you an astrology forecast for the upcoming 6 months related to your own personal chart.

I’m an artist & an astrologer.

I believe in an astrology that liberates, that opens up possibilities for life experiences and that cultivates fluidity and resilience. With Astrology for Artists I want you to connect with your creativity, the inner self that makes your heart beat strong and confidently.

Our life is our most important creative journey, and the more we know ourselves the more freedom we have to choose who we want to be. Creativity can be beautiful but also painful, as it’s the process of becoming who we are. It connects us with our hopes, beliefs, fears, wounds and from that place we heal.

Astrology spoke to my soul and allowed me to believe in myself, to trust my steps. It helped me put the pieces of my broken self together. Now I want to communicate this to guide you in the hardest of times, bringing calm through understanding the bigger picture that the sky reveals.

Find Madeleine here.

Lucía Maraver- alkari kraft

Lucía is the type of woman who makes you feel home even before she said a word.

With her beautiful, radiant and energetic aura she is a natural in making you feel at ease.

She is a multidisciplinary artist and one of her multiple talents is creating with clay.

Not only will she be hosting an intuitive clay workshop for you with an ocean view in her home atelier in Dèia, she will also be providing a romantic open fire diner together with her partner with view on the sunset for us.

Find Lucía here.

You are invited to welcome a deep trust in yourself as a woman.

What to expect?

On Friday we start connecting by having conversations, by sharing intentions, blockages, fears and insecurities, and then sink deeper and deeper into the connection in the following days.

During the retreat you will be nourished by wonderful authentic connection, sun rays, a splash in the pool, a detox moment in the sauna, the unique, soothing and wooded environment, the waves of the sea, meditation moments, free movement, breathing space, walks, stories, women's wisdom, intuitive cooking and creativity.

In addition, during this retreat we also celebrate the spring equinox and the new moon, a special connecting moment that we will celebrate together on the basis of a magical ritual.
the retreat in a couple of words
Sisterhood - Transformation - Release - Cleansing - Women empowerment - The wild feminine - Into the wild - Reconnecting - Deep remembering - Connection - Sacred space - Safe haven - Cocoon- Wildest dreams - Raw self - Shadow work - Authentic - Inner goddess - Beauty - Creative crafting - Ceremonial connection - Inner wisdom - Ritual and elemental wisdom - Restoring balance  - Nourishing ourselves -Mystical  -Deep sharing - Recognition and healing - Sustainability - Honoring Mother Earth - Womb healing - Activation - Blooming - Unfolding - Expanding your consciousness


SaturdayEmbracing the silence through creativity, beauty and romance
SundayWomb healing x nature wisdom
MondaySpring Equinox // Planting seeds // Envisioning dreams – new intentions and gratitude
TuesdayNew Moon // Closing – deep integration


A warm welcome and opening circle + heart opening cacao ceremony combined with a releasing ritual.

Embracing the silence through creativity, beauty and romance

Art therapy as a form of emotional release, starting the day with some deepening of the soul and breath work.

Included in this day: intuitive clay workshop followed by a romantic open fire diner with sunset view.

Womb Healing x nature wisdom

Deep remembering and deep healing. Cleansing rituals and honest conversations. Tantric experiences, sensual and sexual empowerment. Sisterhood – womanhood – togetherness.

Included in this day: wild picking x herbal wisdom workshop followed by a breast awareness workshop.

Spring Equinox // Planting seeds // Envisioning dreams – new intentions and gratitude

Starting the day with a spring equinox ceremony, followed by a creative astrology workshop. Creating a clear vision of your wildest dreams – supported by a clear crystal sound healing to tap into those higher frequencies.

Closing – deep integration

New moon ceremony x empowering body love and sisterhood shoot by a professional photographers from Naples, followed by a closing ceremony with a ritual for deep integration.

General tools that will be used during the retreat:

What can you expect during the circles? Think of pure and authentic connection with each other. Courageous conversations, opening your heart. Coming home to yourself and to other unique women. Storytelling, recognition and archetypes. Connecting with your intuition and (re)discovering your creativity.


Every day you will be able to enjoy a moment of morning flow with me. On the basis of your breathing, breath work, movement, visualizations, mantra, sound meditation and self-reflection exercises you come closer and closer to yourself and you learn to trust your intuition. You will learn how to feel better about yourself, so that you can indicate your boundaries more clearly.

A moment of grounding, coming home, letting go and allowing peace and quiet time.

During this retreat there will also be an emphasis on the goddess within you during the morning flows, connecting with the beautiful and fierce woman within you to reconnect with that part of yourself you might have forgotten, allowing yourself to vibrate higher.


Every day there will be a free movement moment where we will consciously sink into our body and start moving at our own rhythm.

This is completed on the basis of various influences such as qi gong, kundalini yoga and (ecstatic) dance.

Furthermore, this wooded location naturally invites us to go hiking, which you will be able to do at all times.


On the basis of Shinrin Yoku (forest bath) will learn how you can make your experience in nature even more intense. You will find out how nature can offer healing, recognition and gentleness.

You learn to connect with the special energy that nature has to offer and you also learn to create from a connection with nature.

In addition, you will be surrounded daily by an abundance of magical nature and there will be two trips to the ocean (one time near to Dèia) – one including a boat trip : )


During the retreat you will have enough time to just be and enjoy the here and now.

Think of enjoying the wonderful energy of the women around you, inspiring conversations, but also the magical views of nature, a splash in the water, immersing yourself in that one book you have wanted for so long reading, daydreaming, stretching your legs for a walk, being.

In short? Allow rest.


Alessandra, a holistic plant based chef will spoil you in an unseen way. Every day you will be pampered by surprising seasonal food, fermented and/or hot drinks. Starting from love and nature, you will feel that your body becomes lighter and receives more energy. All food is completely plant-based, local and/or organic.

We attach a great importance to working with locals and local farmers as much as possible to nourish you during the retreat, which will result in optimized benefits for your overall health.

One of the things we can already share with you is that the majority of our ingredients will be harvested with an abundance of love at a local farmer nearby – resulting in food coming straight from the soil into your belly.


Not only through flavors that you may never have taste before, but also through different sounds, the sound of nature, sensual experiences and many more, your senses will be stimulated on a compete different level.

This will make you much more aware of everything that is happening around you and you will perceive things much more consciously, which ensures a mental peace.


Throughout the retreat you will be challenged in a creative way to let your feminine energy come out and release any stuck emotions inside of your body.


This retreat is a very nice basis to allow more self-love into your life. By consciously registering for this retreat, you set a special  transformation process  in motion. A process in which you grow closer to yourself and approach yourself with more love and understanding.

You awaken a creative energy and will learn more and more to live according to your intuition, your nature. You learn to be kind to yourself and develop a higher self and body awareness.


There is a sauna available for you on the location to enhance your detoxifying process and come to a deep state of relaxation.


During the retreat you have the option to optionally book a Shiatsu treatment with me to release blockages or tension.



During and after the retreat you will receive some extra (personalized) presents to support you in embodying the beautiful goddess you are.


Friday 17/3 – Tuesday 21/3

We come together for 5 days in a magical location on the beautiful island Palma de Mallorca in Establiments.

We would like to welcome you on Friday between 1 pm and 2 pm, on Tuesday we will close the retreat at 1 pm. In any case, we certainly recommend that you enjoy Mallorca a little longer by, for example, booking an airbnb nearby.


Prepare yourself for a full inspiring immersion as a portal to welcome the beautiful spring energy.


What is the exact location? Establiments in Palma de Mallorca. Exact details will be shared after your registration.

What about allergens? All food is completely plant-based with a main focus on pure seasonal food. If you have certain allergens, you can certainly pass this on and this will be taken into account.

Are there also free moments? Yes! Free moments are also provided where you can explore nature yourself / take a moment to come to yourself and reflect / book a 1 on 1 session or body work / …

How many places are available? 6. We keep it very intimate so that we can form a deep connection with each other and every woman feels seen and heard.♡

From how many participants will the retreat take place? From 5 participants. We have already made major investments ourselves to be able to offer these retreats for you and therefore ask you not to wait with registering if you feel that you are interested in this.

What with COVID-19? We follow the local guidelines needed and kindly ask you to do the same.

How do I get in EstablimentsEstabliments is 25 min drive from the airport Palma de Mallorca. We will provide a carpool list as we always do. That way you can agree to share a taxi to get to the location from the airport.

Age? Of no importance. We can learn so much from each other. A mix of ages ensures that we can connect even more deeply with each other and learn to place certain things in a different light.

Can I get an invoice? Yes! You can easily place this in the notes during checkout and we will prepare an invoice for you.

How are the bedrooms organized? You have the choice to choose a private or a twin bedroom.

Is there a possibility to spread my investment over several months? Yes! You can spread it out in two, three or four months. If you would like to spread your investment over several months, you can send an email to moika@ikeuwa.be. If this is still not possible budget wise for you, please feel free to reach out and then we can have a conversation about this.

I received a discount code, how does this work? If you received a fixed discount code (not a percentage) and you are choosing a spread payment, the discount code will be applied on your first payment – not on the following payments.


Are you ready to register for a retreat that has the potential to change the rest of your entire life?

After this retreat you will feel
☾ nourished from the inside and the outside
☾ a deep state of relaxation that stretches from your subconscious self to your conscious self
☾ an updated sense of self empowerment
☾ deeply connected with a community of sisters
☾ clear and confident while starting to manifest the life of your dreams
☾ in a direct line with your womb, your intuition and your inner wisdom
☾ capable of more than you ever thought you were capable of
☾ seen, valued, healed, heard and loved
☾ in tune with the beautiful, creative and sensual goddess you are
☾ a beautiful harmony between your feminine and your masculine energy

For all registrations, you also have the opportunity to pay a deposit of 2222,- now (for a twin room) or a deposit of 3333,- (for a private room), and pay the rest of the amount latest 11 days before the retreat starts. If you would be interested in that, please send a mail to moika@ikeuwa.be with your preferred room to receive the payment instructions.


You will receive a spot in a queensize shared bed with ensuite bathroom.

Your investment for this unique experience is 3777,-.

You can choose to make your investment in full, in two parts or in three parts. Or choose to make a deposit of 2222,- now and pay the leftover amount 11 days before the start of the retreat. You can mail to moika@ikeuwa.be for this option.


Dreamy double bed with ensuite bathroom.

Your investment for this unique experience is 5777,-.

You can choose to make your investment in full, in two parts or in three parts. Or choose to make a deposit of 3333,- now and pay the leftover amount 11 days before the start of the retreat. You can mail to moika@ikeuwa.be for this option.