Hello beautiful woman, 
I am so happy and grateful to welcome you here.
Underneath you can find a compact outline of my current offers.
You are most welcome to click on the buttons and explore as you wish.
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X Moika

The podcast where we dive deeper into feminine topics in a very casual way as if we would be having a matcha date together. Follow @sheandhermatcha on Instagram to stay tuned on new episodes.
This is a pilot program to discover how to experience freedom in your daily life.

The technologies used in kundalini yoga activate your feminine Shakti energy by tapping into your subconscious mind to make changes within your conscious reality. It’s a very powerful tool to strengthen yourself as a woman and expand your auric field.

On this journey I will share the practices that helped me to see myself. Really seeing myself. Valuing myself, valuing my worth.
The practices that brought me to tears and to laughter and euphoric feelings afterwards.
The practices that evocated change, transformation and rebirth.
 A 12 month journey is loading. A 12 month journey of becoming. A 12 month journey of deepening the relationship with yourself.
This will be the most complete offer I ever offered. We will take an integral approach to create massive changes within your life and open the doors to pure expansion.

This is for you if you want to deepen your offerings to this world as a teacher. It's for you if you want to deepen your relationship with yourself. It's for you if you are ready to make a commitment for yourself. We move steady and slow to make vast and long lasting changes within every corner of your life.
This exclusive journey is for you when you are done hiding and ready to embody the most authentic version of yourself while embracing the true creator you are.

Are you joining us on this magical retreat in a hidden gem in a valley in France?

She is finally ready. She is ready to reconnect with her deepest essence as a woman. She is ready to rest, to nourish herself and from there expand. Come to clarity, come to her most authentic self. She knows how to express herself. She who connects deeply with the grounding element of the earth and the ever flowing nature of water. She holds, she stores, she knows. She can be exactly that abundant source you've been yearning for, once you know how to connect with her. The authentic woman inside of yourself starts showing herself again She takes care of herself. She honors herself. She loves herself. She shows up for herself.

Happening the 23rd of April - 27th of April 

Discover the truth about your womb and unlock the tremendous power that is hidden inside of her.

5 day 
womb guidance 
a free gift from my womb and heart to yours

It's a simple, effective and unique opportunity for you to come to a better understanding of your womb and yourself.
One of the programs I am most proud of. It is an online immersion I created a couple of months ago, and I am still updating it every now and then to make it even more extensive and deepening. If you are looking for guidance to deepen your connection with your womb, to overcome patterns and blockages, to reconnect with your own innate wisdom, creative essence and power while softening into your body, then this is the way to go. A portal of divine feminine wisdom. 
This is your gateway to becoming part of the community for deeper insights and some gifts I will only be sharing within this beautiful community.
Every 28th of the month you will receive a mail in your inbox with a vision board and a Spotify playlist to tune in to the mood of the upcoming month - integrating the energy that will be in the air and the astrological events which will be happening during that month. Besides that, some rituals and meditation will land in your mailbox every now and then.

To make things as convenient for you as possible, I've created a Whatsapp Community where I will be sharing updates, rituals, meditation and inspiration once in a while and besides that it provides you of a beautiful space where you can genuinely share from your heart and womb and connect with sisters all over the world. I truly love this group since it is an opportunity for me to share lots of value with you through voice notes as well. The content shared here differentiates itself from the content that will be shared in the newsletter-tribe list. You can look at it as a beautiful add on.
An invitation for you to close your eyes. Sink in your body and simply let your body move in a way she wants to be moved. Strip away from expectations and fear and just flow like water, surrendering to the journey of sounds, the journey of pure and authentic expression of your soul.
Let yourself be moved. Allow your body to guide and show you the way.
A beautiful outline and curated set of cards to come to a better understanding of your feminine cycle and/or the moon cycle. Sustainably printed and a collaboration with a local artist - this set is made with an abundance of love and have a limited edition. 
The cards are encouraging you to live with your cycle instead of forcing yourself to follow a rhythm that doesn't align with your cyclical nature.
Not only are they a handy tool to reconnect with the phases within your cycle, they are also helpful for your environment to understand what it is and what you don't need within a particular phase.

I personally still use them every cycle and always display my card : )
An online guide to open yourself up to more sustainable ways of living while honoring Mother Earth and reconnecting with our primal role as women - protectors of the land.
Currently only available in English.