Cycle Cards

Do you sometimes have the feeling that you live in a rhythm that goes completely against your nature as a woman?
That doesn't surprise me.
Our society is mainly based on yang energy, so the masculine energy, with the result that the yin energy, so the feminine energy is often forgotten or suppressed.

With the help of your female cycle or the rhythm of the moon, you learn how to live closer to your nature as a woman. In that way you will understand yourself better and you can flow more fluently throughout your life.
You learn to live with your natural rhythm instead of living against your natural rhythm.

4 M A G I C AL C A R D S

You will receive 4 cards with illustrations from Herlinde Demaerel.

This cards will represent the 4 phases in your cycle, aligning with the four seasons, as well as four of the eight moon phases.

On the backside of each card you will find a short explanation of each phase. This will also include activities that are recommended doing within this phase of your cycle and activities you’d rather not do within this timeframe. You will also find a journal prompt on it.

The cards are printed on FSC paper.

The cards will inspire and motivate you to gradually move closer to your natural rhythm. They indicate what you should or should not do in a certain phase, and inspire you to look at your body with more understanding and love. You will see your cycle in a different light, and many 'aha moments' will most likely follow; ) 'Now I understand why I react this way during that period!'

In addition, you will also find a journal prompt on each card, which can help you manifest goals and dreams.

*Tip: when living together with someone in your household, you can always display the card that aligns with your current phase somewhere in your house that it is very visible - in that way your housemates or partner will understand better what it is that you need within that particular time of your cycle : )


Can I use this cards when I am taking hormonal anticonception? Yes! The 4 different moon phases are also listed so that you learn to live according to the rhythm of the moon, which closely relates to a woman’s natural rhythm.

When will I receive the cards? The cards will be shipped within 2 business days. From then on it depends on how long the post takes. Count about 3 working days, so a maximum of 5 working days in total for Belgium or the Netherlands. For other countries it depends on the speed of the processing.

What do I pay for shipping costs? Shipping is included in your order.

Can I also gift the cards to someone? Of course! Let me know in the comments with your order for whom the cards are intended + the address of that person and possibly a personal message that you would like to include.


In addition to the cards, you will also receive a mini apricot moonstone. Moonstone is the stone of femininity and is connected with the energy of the moon. In addition, moonstone brings harmony back into your female cycle and is a great support for fertility. Finally, moonstone also has a calming effect against PMS complaints and during pregnancy.

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