Crystal sound healing concert


You are invited for a 90 minute sound journey that will relax every inch of your body while bringing you to a higher state of consciousness and nourishing your soul on the deepest level.

© Jana marle

The potential benefits

▹ meditative and relaxing
▹ lowers blood pressure
▹ reduces stress (cortisol levels), fears and anger
▹ relieves depressed feelings
▹ calming effect
▹ improved sleep
▹ overall improvement of your mental well-being

How it works

Sound concerts are generally concerts where you lie down. In other words, you make yourself comfortable on a mat, with a pillow and a blanket to reach a complete state of relaxation.

Is it not possible for you to lie down for 90 minutes? No problem, you can certainly attend the concert while sitting on a chair.

For the rest, you don’t have to do anything except surrender yourself completely to the sounds that you will hear and feel in your body.

The acoustics of the church will help to enhance the effect of the sounds while you are enjoying a full body relaxation *imagine yourself receiving a massage*.

Your investment


Number of spots is limited.

How to get there?

The concert will take place on the 1st of December from 8 PM – 9:30 PM in the Sint-Anna Church in Roosbeek (Boutersem) – Belgium.

Address: Lubbeeksestraat 11, 3370 Boutersem


Easy to reach by public transport
Direction Tienen: bus back at 21:43 (3 min walk from location)

  • from here you can take a train to Leuven
    Or carpool to Vertrijk station (4 min by car)
    21:57 train to Leuven
    (Also direct to Brussels, easy connection to Antwerp, Ghent,…)

5,4 km from Tienen 

13 km from Leuven 


Free and enough parking spaces on the square + electric charging station.

Book your spot: