My name is Moika, I am a 23 year old student and I recently finished my Bachelor African languages and Cultures with a minor Economics and Business Administration at the University of Ghent.

I am passionate about everything that relates to plant-based food, healthy life style, sports, nature, animals, humans and world improvements.

February 1st, 2017 was the day that I chose for a vegan lifestyle. Before that I used to be an ovo-vegetarian and before that a vegetarian. The first aim for me for changing to a vegetarian  was to consume healthier and natural foods while contributing to a better environment.

As I grow, something I really want to emphasize is that all of this is a growing process and it should be for you as well as you can not start a plant based lifestyle one day over the other.

I learned more about the suffering animals had to go through all due to the fact that we humans consider ourselves the most important living beings on earth. That’s not fair at all. While putting ourselves first we are not seeing that we are destroying the beauty of the earth that has been given to us. And that is exactly the thing I would like to change.

I don’t expect all of you to live plant-based, it is all about the baby steps. And every step counts. Just be aware of the impact we have on the earth, try to buy more things packing free, try to introduce a plant-based day once a week, try to live zero waste, try to buy more locally and biologically, try to love your surroundings more, try to respect nature and all living beings. As long as you give it a try, I am pretty sure that you will have a much better feeling in your life. It is a process with progress but it is worth it.

As my dad is from Nigeria I also want to help a school in Nigeria by spending part of the income of ike uwa to provide the school children a healthy snack on a regular basis. I can only encourage you guys to help me succeed this goal. Because at the end of the day, what is love when you don’t share it with other living beings? Do something for someone you don’t know, that’s what life is about.

With ike uwa I would love to share the one thing I love most with you guys, which is experimenting with food while taking care of mind, body and soul. I hope to be able to pass this passion on by giving you guys the opportunity to try it.

Ike uwa is about taking a step back from all the hustle and bustle. It’s about eating pure food and living a conscious life style by taking care of mind, body and soul.

During meditation moment we’ll try to find that inner peace again.

In the shiatsu treatments you’ll be able experience pure relaxation.

Ike uwa is also a caterer, so feel free to contact me with any wishes or questions from parties to brunches, small activities to girls nights, team buildins to birthdays. Feel free to ask!

I hope that together we can contribute to a better world.

Lots of love,




ike uwa

Werenberg 30

3370 Boutersem

BTW nummer BE0685985384